Month: February 2015

The “What Changed in Your Relationship” Project A.K.A the “Sign Project”

We, patients/caregivers who are being trained to become healthcare researchers have decided to work on Spousal Patient-Caregiver Relationship; to this end, we decided to start the “What Changed in Your Relationship” Project or the “Sign Project” . We want to know “What is the most important thing that changed in your relationship/marriage after illness appeared?”.Make a sign with one or two,… Read more →


For those of you who are not familiar with PaCER – It is a Canadian innovation in research dedicated to training patients to become researchers in the healthcare system. I applied to the Patient and Community Engagement in Research(PaCER) program at the University of Calgary in August. I took all my classes via conference call and as part of my… Read more →

Extremely Painful

It is 3:10 AM and I cannot sleep. I am tired but my brain refuses to rest and my eyes refuse to relax. I usually cannot go to sleep when I am stress out and anxious but I had a relatively good DA today (Yesterday, to be more accurate); our meeting with The Change Foundation went relatively well ( I believe)… Read more →