Family Caregivers Voice and Sinai Health System

Last year, Family Caregivers Voice’s co-founders (Carole Ann Alloway and Sara Shearkhani) approached Sinai Health System’s Bridgepoint Active Healthcare to design what was initially called “the caregiver village”; an idea inspired by the Dementia Village of the Netherlands and the Athens Village and other similar initiatives in US.

In the coming weeks, we will share with you our idea in a form of a list “The caregiver’s wish-list”. We are proud to share that these ideas have became what is called  “The Caregiver Friendly Hospital and Community Hub” at Sinai Health System and is being developed with The Change Foundation support as part of an initiative called the Changing Care.

We will share these ideas with you in a hope that you can adopt it in your setting to improve healthcare systems for family caregivers as well as the patients.


For starter, please read the following article on The Caregiver Friendly Hospital and Community Hub.

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